Anna Louhelainen Oswald Basten
Nukketeatteri-ANNOS (Portion of Puppetry Theatre) is a touring theatre group from Finland with two principal members: clown-puppeteers Oswald Basten and Anna Louhelainen. Both have graduated from the puppet theatre department of Turku Arts Academy (Finland) in 2005. Later they have studied clowning with different teachers: with Eric de Bont (Spain) in 2012 and with Sue Morrison (Canada) in 2017.

The plays of the theatre group combine clowning and puppetry. Different puppet techniques are used, but the speciality of the company are table-puppets with moving eyes and opening mouths: technique inspired by the japanese Bunraku-puppets. Over the years Nukketeatteri-ANNOS has collaborated in many projects with musician Olli Attila, who has composed scores for the performances.

All the plays of Nukketeatteri-ANNOS are almost without words – the story is told through movement and music. So, there is no language barrier! The shows are suitable for the whole family (suggested age for the children is 3 years and up). Below you can find descriptions of the plays that are available. So, how about a small but tasty ”portion of puppetry”?


TEA FOR TWO - Maiskis & Loiskis!

The sun is shining, grass is green – and a tiny penguin is splashing in a giant tea cup. Wellcome to a clown´s tea party – it´s full of surprises! Seasons change at tremendous speed. Spring - gone! Summer - gone! Autumn - gone! Winter – gone! Whatever the season, a sip of tea with your best penguin friend is always a pleasure!

A story about seizing the moment (and a cup of tea!) in a big and complicated world.


… AND COWS FLY! - Taivas Kattona!

S.O.S., S.O.S. - the clowns have run out of milk! There isn´t a drop left in their giant milk carton... No problem! They decide to build a milk robot: a steel cow that produces milk. But things don´t go as planned and the newly made robot starts to behave unexpectedly!

A story about nature and technology, seen from a child´s perspective. Sometimes nature is more wondrous than complicated technology – and simple things like milk more precious than gold.

OH! & WOW!

OH! & WOW! - Hui! & Vau!

Wow! A clown dreams of being a dancer: tiptoeing in a fluffy dress, feather ornament swinging on the top of her head. Her best friend, a little doll, encourages clown to fulfill her dream and make a dance show. But Oh! Why is it so difficult to put the dance outfit on? So many bits and pieces... And the biggest ”Oh!” of them all: what to do when stage fright strikes just before the show?

A story about stage dreams and stage fright. With the help of a loving friend it is possible to overcome even the biggest of fears.